Our first Panther Chameleon

Meet Ranboo

Ranboo is a shy but colorful Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He is now 1 year old+ and really have a mellow personality. However, he was angry with me all the time during his 6 months old teenage time. Til this day, Ranboo still prefer to be on his own most of the time.

This picture shows him sleeping at night when all the lights out. He is a proud father of many clutches of eggs.

Ranboo's Baby Chams For sale

Our Addition after Ranboo

Meet Nosy

Nosy on the other hand, he is very explorative and curious by climbing around to check out everything outside the enclosure. Yes, the name matched his personality. LOL...He is not shy at all and love to be hand fed superworms. Nosy is a True Nosy Be bloodline that I purchased him when he was about 3" length with tail from a professional breeder.

Nosy's Baby Cham For sale