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Background on how and why Vivid Chameleons & Habitats was established...

Hello everyone!

My name is Jason Wong, the founder who started Vivid Chameleons & Habitats in 2023.
A little background about me... I graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a Master's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering emphasizing in Robotics & Control system back in my college years. I am currently a full time employee at a company I worked for over 10 years now as an engineer/account manager.
However, I've always been into collecting reptiles and arachnids ever since I was in high school. I am a happy owner of three leopard geckos, a ball python, and many tarantulas(my fav T is P.Regalis). I've always been very impressed and fascinated by the color variations of Panther Chameleons but never own one until 2023.
Every Chameleon keeper I spoke to all have the same advice to me, "Keeping Chameleons is not an easy task. They require a lot of attention and effort to provide them a healthy living lifestyle and a thriving environment for them to live at least 6 years old and up."
I stayed away from owning one until January 2023 at the Reptile Super show in Pomona where I could not resist anymore and purchased my first rainbow colored Ambilobe Panther Chameleon from Chameleons 101 through Eric Thompson. Shout out to Eric! My 7 and 10 years old kids named our first chameleon pet, Ranboo (Click to see picture).
The next thing we know was Ranboo needed a mate because he kept crawling around the cages looking for something or in this case....someone...We soon purchased Dumpling which is a Yellow Belly Blue Bar(YBBB) Ambilobe Panther Chameleon.
They did their dance and history was made from there on. Ranboo with Dumpling had over 150 eggs in one year. By hatching and raising multiple clutches of Ranboo and Dumpling hatchlings, I learned what are the needs for hatchling chameleons so they can thrive in captivity. They will thrive by providing an environment that has the correct living parameters and conditions such as the right amount of UVI Ferguson Index, heat basking spot temperature, right decor setup for mobility, right amount of ventilation in the enclosure with an auto misting system, and etc...
I want to make sure every baby chameleon I brought to this world, the baby will have a great chance to thrive in a dialed in environment so they can become a healthy and happy adult.
Therefore, the "All-In-One Automated Habitat kit" was born and created just for Chameleon hatchlings to ensure they will have the highest chance of survival rate to any new or beginner Panther Chameleon parents. Afterall, they are all like our kids because they all have their own character, especially the female Panthers or the male Panthers during their teenage years. :)
The "All-In-One Habitat kit" is a Patent Pending designed by Vivid Chameleons & Habitats for all the new Chameleon keepers who have eggs or hatchlings.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about how and why I established Vivid Chameleons & Habitats Incorporation. Stop by and say hi in every Reptile shows in California!!! See you guys soon and Happy Chameleoning! :) Afterall, they are all like our kids because they all have their own character, especially the female Panthers or the male Panthers during their teenage years. :)

Goodnight! zzZZzzZZzzzzz