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Ranboo and Dumpling - Unsexed Baby Chameleon with All-In-One Automated Habitat kit

Ranboo and Dumpling - Unsexed Baby Chameleon with All-In-One Automated Habitat kit

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Daddy and Mommy's photos attached!

Please understand that purchasing a baby chameleon still require attentions to feed every day. However, with Vivid Chameleons Patent Pending All-In-One Habitat kit included for every baby chameleon from Ranboo or Nosy, we can help to automate the living environment and establishing a stable and thriving conditions for the baby cham.

If there's any questions about our baby chameleon or All-In-One Automated Habitat kit, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to support all Vivid Chameleons & Habitats customers. Purchasing the baby chameleon with the All-In-One Automated Habitat kit is just the beginning of our commitment to service you!

Items included in this kit:

  • 10”x10”x16”- A white PVC enclosure with back, front, and top mesh screen for ventilation.  
  • Automatic Water Misting System - Already preset to spray everyday for you. Just fill up the 2Liter water bottle once a week with RO or drinking water. You won’t have to be concerned with humidity level and dehydration of your baby chameleon.
  • UVB Light - Placed intentionally at 3-6 Ferguson UVI range for your baby chameleon to maximize its growth rate.
  • Heat Basking Lamp –The halogen ceramic fixture with bulb already fixed at a comfortable basking temperature to the top branch for your baby chameleon to digest the gut loaded nutritional bugs.
  • Grow LED Light – The LED provides bright sunlight for chameleons to see clearly where are the foods at just like the wild. 
  • Digital Timer – Already preset to turn on all 3 lights at 6am PST and turn off at 6pm PST Monday-Sunday. No need to manually turn on and off all 3 lights everyday.
  • Pothos Live Plant – Helps to maintain humidity. Baby Chams love to hunt by the live plant area and regulate their humidity level.
  • Décor (Branches and Plastic Vines) – Baby chameleons move around like a breeze by gripping their little feet on the vine. They also drink from the plastic vines too!
  • Baby Chameleon - Hatched at Vivid Chameleons & Habitats. Father is Ranboo and Mother is Dumpling. Photos attached. 


If you got a female the 1st time you purchase from me and really really want a male, your 2nd purchase of the baby chameleon itself will be a guaranteed male from me. The baby cham male will only cost $300 because you already have all the baby chameleon cage setup from the 1st purchase.

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