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Vivid Chameleons & Habitats Inc.

UVB 24W, 24" length, T5 10.0 Fixture and Florescent Tube

UVB 24W, 24" length, T5 10.0 Fixture and Florescent Tube

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The 24W UVB T5 10.0 Fixture and Florescent Tube has strong UV Index that will provide great amount of Vitamin D to your chameleon. Recommending basking spot is 6" below the top black mesh screen to get the right away of UVI.

Package include:

1) 24W, 24" T5 Fixture

2) 24W Florescent Tube

3) Power cord

4) Linkable cord(It can daisy chained other UVBs fixture with just one power cord)

5) Mounting screws and clips

UVB Florescent Tube has a 6 months usage life with 12 hours a day on comparable with all other reputable manufactures. Quality of UVI outputs matter to Vivid Chameleons & Habitats. I chose this UVB light manufacture who has over 20 years of experience in reptile lighting and they are proven to manufacture some of the name brands in the pet industry.

Vivid Chameleons & Habitats is very confident that this UVB setup will product strong UVI for at least 6 months. If the tube does not radiates minimum of 6 Ferguson Index within 6 months of usage, 12 hours a day and while the tube can still light up, I will replace another tube for you for free(buyer pays for shipping fee). However, please keep in mind that I cannot provide warranty if the tube does not light up at all due to mishandle of the tube.

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