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Daylight Heating Bulb - 50W

Daylight Heating Bulb - 50W

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Chameleons like daylight heating. The basking spot should be in the high 80s during the day with an environment to be around 75F.  The 50W basking bulb is recommended for enclosure size 16 and up. 75W heating bulb is also available for size 18 and size 24 enclosure. Please make sure your basking spot or branch is about 3-5inches away from the heat bulb.

The manufacture of my electricals are from a reputable company who has been in the reptile lightening business for over 20 years and had private label for major reptile brands. This way we can rest assure these electricals are as high quality as some of the major brands. 

Note: These 50W Basking bulbs are rated for 2000hours usage. For 12 hours a day on time, this means 167 days or around 5 months. However, oil from finger or water splash to the bulb will shorten the lifespan of the bulb, so please avoid touching the bulb with your finger and use a tissue or napkin to screw on bulb.

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