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Vivid Chameleons & Habitats Inc.

Misting System with Built in Timer

Misting System with Built in Timer

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Vivid Chameleons & Habitats customized this water misting system to intentionally produce a fine mist in each nozzle, up to 4 nozzles when using this misting system. 

The misting system is super easy to use and produce very fine mist for every nozzle up to 4 nozzles. There's no more need to push up, down, left, right buttons to set each timer if you only have one or two enclosures at home.  Best of all, you don't need to spend $100+ for a misting system.  

Only 3 buttons to set value definitions:

Top button: Set Duration of the spray range from each second to each 5 minutes with an increment of seconds or minutes.

Middle button: Set Frequency of the spray range from every minute to every 30 days with an increment of minute or day.

Bottom button: Manual On and Off. Push this button once to wake up the controller from sleep timed mode and push another time to manually turn on the misting. Push one more time to turn misting off manually.

Just hold the Top or Middle button down and you can cycle through your desire settings. See photo 2 for setting value definition.

 The kit comes with the followings:

1) 2 nozzles

2) 1/4" plastic tube

3) USB C power cord with USB power adapter.

4) zip ties

5) Water filter for water source to the "In" of the controller

6) End water inlet stopper to plug into the 2nd nozzle end

*Please use RO or Distilled or drinking water to avoid clogging the nozzle due to calcium build up with tap water.


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